Who Makes Violet® Iodine?

Violet iodine is brought to you by BioPharmX, Inc., the providers of innovative drug-delivery products. BioPharmX uses patented platform technologies for pharmaceutical, OTC and supplement applications to help consumers and patients in large, well-defined and under-served markets; including Dermatology and Women’s Health.



The Violet Story

I’ve suffered from menstrual-related breast pain for as long as I care to remember. The swelling and tenderness that came before and during my period—sometimes lasting up to 10 days every month— often interfered with my day-to-day activities like running and even the clothes I would wear. Sometimes I would even change my clothes over and over because nothing felt right. With age, my pain grew worse, but doctors assured me that everything was “normal” and that nothing was wrong. The doctors did suggest I cut out caffeine and to start taking vitamins, but nothing was effective at resolving all of my symptoms.

We’ve all just been dealing with it in silence for years


At age 40, I found a lump in my breast. I immediately feared the worst. My doctor sent me in for scans, but I still had no conclusive diagnosis. That was when they performed a fine needle aspiration. My doctor told me I had several benign cysts and that there was no further treatment.


While I was greatly relieved the lump wasn’t breast cancer, I was still discouraged and beyond frustrated that my monthly pain remained and that my cysts may return. I always wondered if other women experienced the same problem, and what they did about it. We’ve all just been dealing with it in silence for years!


While exploring technologies for BioPharmX, I was presented with a unique, new formulation that could address the very symptoms I, and millions of other women, have been living with for so long. After additional research and clinical testing and confirming it worked on my own symptoms, it was then I discovered that 50% of women have similar (or worse) symptoms, and that we’ve all been told that it’s a normal part of menstruation— that there’s nothing we can do about it, short of taking pain medication and wearing sports bras. I knew I had uncovered the solution that so many women could benefit from— not only to help alleviate monthly symptoms, but also to provide a proactive way to care for our breasts every day.


With that, the Violet® pill was born.


—Anja Krammer, President & Co-Founder


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